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Cultivate + Simplify: February

This month is short and I think we need a short month after the year of January. I seriously love this month. It's the month of love, pink and all things good. Let's recap this month for you!

Blog Posts

This is a list of blog posts from the past month. I like to put them in one spot for you to easily find everything you need.

I went on TV last week! You can watch my segment here: Good Things Utah


This is a list of links to things I share about in blogs posts, on Instagram, and where you can find things you might need here on the website.

Pink Dress

Pink Sweatshirt

Denim Jacket (similar)

Red Skirt

Green Duster Cardigan

Joggers - Use code STRAWBERRYNEST10 to save 10%

Blouse Tee - Use code STRAWBERRYNEST10 to save 10%

Cookies - She's my one of the best!

Balloons -The queen balloonist herself made them!

White Cami - I wore this on TV

Pink Blazer - I wore this on TV

Computer Cover

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