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Valentine's Trivia

There are so many things that surround a holiday. From the reason we celebrate it, to its origins and to funny quirks. I found some fun little things that I thought would be fun to share

  • Valentine's Day started as a Roman Fertility Festival: I won't get in to the details, but it's how the day got started!

  • There is more than one St. Valentine: Are we celebrating Lupercalia, a third-century Roman priest who defied Claudius II Gothicus, or a priest from the same period who was jailed for helping Christians escape brutal Roman prisons?

  • The Middle Ages is when Valentine's Day became about love and romance: It was believed that the mating season of birds began on February 14.

  • Wearing your heart on your sleeve was a real thing: During a festival honoring the goddess Juno, Roman men would draw the names of women they would be partnered with for the following year. They would put the name of their intended on their sleeves for the rest of the celebration.

  • Cupid was a Greek God: Able to make mortals fall in love (or hate) with his magical arrows.

  • Because of a woman we now have Valentine's Day cards:145 million Valentine's Day cards are given each year in the U.S. alone.

  • Valentine's Day chocolate was a stroke of marketing genius:Richard Cadbury began packaging his family's chocolates in heart-shaped boxes to drive sales.

  • Conversation hearts had humble beginnings: The little candy hearts with cute Valentine messages were first created by a machine initially invented to make medical lozenges.

  • The Victorians began the trend of giving flowers for Valentine's Day: Valentine's Day is florists' busiest day of the year, ahead of even Christmas and Mother's Day.

I love a little bit of trivia and learning where things form from! What about you?

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