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About Sarah: Why I Choose Events

It may come as a bit of a surprise... I like people. I love being surrounded by friends and family. I love deep and meaningful connections. I really like traditions and making those I love feel connected to something and like they belong.

I decided to make a go of events professionally a few years back after I had my last baby. First I started my blog and it evolved to where I am today. I love traditions. I love the things they give to us as an individual. And I love having it in my own personal life. Birthday parties are my favorite, because you get to celebrate someone special in your life. And it morphed in to planning events for others so they could be present and make those memories. And that, of course, morphed in to helping on a wedding.

My goal at your event or wedding is to take care of all the moving parts so you can be present with your guests and cultivate memories that will be long lasting.

I choose events for you. I choose to take over any stress that may arise for you to enjoy your friends and family. I choose to help your event be what you want it to be so you can focus on your priority.

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