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What to Expect: Working With Sarah

I have wanted to write this post, but have second guessed myself SO MANY TIMES. I have no reason to doubt myself and my abilities!

When you reach out to me; whether via social media, text, email or my website know I will get back to you within 24 hours. I love to respond as soon as I see something, however I do sleep, make dinner, workout and have a family to care for! You become important the moment you reach out.

I will be so excited to hear from you. I want to know about you and your love story. I will set up a time for us to have a consultation as soon as possible in both of our schedules. These are always free. If you would like to set one up you can click here.

After we have that consultation set I will add you to the calendar invite along with a Google Meet link in it. You will use that link to get to our video call (but you don't have to be on screen if you don't want to!). At the same time as I send the calendar invite over I will email you confirming the appointment and include a link for a form to fill out prior to our meeting.

This form is just to get some information on your wedding and see where you are in your process. It helps to make our conversation precise and fun for us. It will ensure I can give you a price quote during our call together too.

During our call we will go over your answers and talk about anything you didn't put down about your wedding. We will talk about your expectations for me and what I can give to your wedding. If you would rather me put together a proposal of different packages to choose from I am happy to do it. If you are ok with the price I give I will ask if you want to move forward, and if you say yes I will get a contract drafted and sent to you for signing along with an invoice for the deposit to reserve your day with me.

Yep, that's me back there making things happen just right.

I love to work with my brides and help when I see a need.

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