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Cultivate Traditions: Valentine's Day

It's my FAVORITE month! February is all about pink and I am here for it. And I love love. I mean hello, wedding coordinator here. I love creating traditions around this holiday. From decorating to activities.

Some of these are affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if you buy something from them at no cost to you.

I have been loving the different kits at Target that are similar to gingerbread houses you find at Christmas. They are calling it the Valentine's Cookie House Kit, and it is so cute! I am really looking forward to watching my kids put it together. My pro-tip is to put the cookie pieces together with hot glue before you start decorating it.

A family favorite is The Love Cafe. We saw this a few years ago on my friend Cami's website she had something similar that is no longer available. I asked if I could recreate it and she agreed. If you go to my website home page you can sign up to get it in your inbox. I made it black and white for easy printing and use. Print as many of the order pages as you need.

Date night is essential for me to celebrate Valentine's with Scott. I love any opportunity to get dressed up and be next to him anywhere. I try to dress up for our dates because I want him to know I want to look my best to be out with him. Sometimes we decide to go out last minute and I don't get as ready, but I always love to dress up more and spend the time with him. We don't always go out on Valentine's Day, it's so crowded. But the Friday after... That's the best.

What is something you always do for Valentine's?

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