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Happiest Birthday, Oliver

My baby boy is a big 6 year old! He's almost done with Kindergarten and has grown so much over the last year. He's working on reading, does math like it's his job and is funnier than ever.

Dearest Oliver,

Watching you grow up has been such a joy. It's amazing how fast you learn things. I still remember the day you were born and how sweet you were. I hope you never stop that.

My hope for you this year is happiness. I want you to have all the happiness and magic life has to offer a 6 year old boy. If you finish your genie transformation this year it will be so good.

I can't wait to see you spending summer outside and getting your blonde headband. I can't wait to cuddle you while we watch a show. And I am so excited to watch you grow more in school and life.



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