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What Is A Wedding Day Of Coordinator

As I have been talking with brides this last month one question I have had a number of times is "what is a day of coordinator?" I got to thinking that many may not understand why hiring one is going to be worth the cost and essential to your wedding running smoothly. And yesterday I was on Good Things Utah talking about WHY you need a wedding coordinator.

A day of coordinator is the one who executes your wedding, they do not help plan or hire any part of your wedding. A coordinator will make sure nothing has been forgotten, give guidance and structure to your day. Hiring a day of coordinator will relieve stress for you as they will be the contact for every question out there. You will not be bothered and will be able to enjoy your day without knowing of any disasters that arise.

Planning the Wedding

A coordinator can provide you with a list of preferred vendors (vendors they know, have worked with and trust). Your coordinator will help you in guiding you with what works and what doesn't for your wedding. If they haven't worked with your specific venue they will be in contact with someone who has worked there, take a tour and get to know them.

Prior to the Wedding

As a coordinator we know your wedding is special for you, we know it has been being worked on for months and months. About a month before your wedding we will step in and start to get all the things tied together with you. This is when you will give all of the information for you wedding to your coordinator so they can begin to familiarize themselves with your day and offer suggestions you may not know you needed.

Your Wedding

This is when we take over for you. If you asked for them to be at your rehearsal prior they will be there. I suggest you pay to have your coordinator at the rehearsal to help get your ceremony going smoothly. If you have a professional officiant, this may not be necessary, but it is helpful to have your behind the scenes person in the know so when it is go time they are the most help. And this is the time for your coordinator to be the GO TO person for all vendors and questions. They are the time-keepers and people movers. Basically where ever someone is needed, a decision to be made, or something to be done your coordinator is there.

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