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Hip, Hip, Hooray! It's Pie Day

March 14th is coming up quickly. It's kind of important. It's Pie Day! And I really love this day. I think this year I will get a pizza pie for dinner and make a pie or two to celebrate even more. And if making pie isn't your thing, stop at the store and pick one up! Your family will still love it.

I wanted to round up all of my Sweetie La Pie posts for you in one spot so you could peruse and see which pies strike your fancy and then maybe you could make one!

Brownie Pie by Joanna Gains Magnolia Table

Irish Amber - especially fitting with St Patrick's Day coming up!

Chocolate Treasure - Perfect for Easter!

Freezer Strawberry Shortcake - my favorite in the summer!

Let me know if you make a pie from my list! Tag me on social media @cultivatewithsarah

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