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Sweetie La Pie - Chocolate Treasure

For this month's pie I made a pie that I remember my mom making when I was younger. The first time I can recall ever having it was when we lived in the quaint town of Anacortes, Washington. If you haven't heard of it, look it up. It is on an island in the San Juan Islands of Washington, and true to Western Washington it is lush, green and rainy.

What I remember most about this pie at this time is my mom was working at a bank and it was their Christmas party that she made it for. I don't know why this sticks out significantly in my mind, but it does. I remember snow falling as we were walking in and the party was at the bank, which I thought why would any one ever want to have a party at a bank. As I took a bite of the pie I was in heaven. My mom swears that she made it for me before then, I just don't remember it.

This pie is easy. This pie is a crowd pleaser. This pie is Chocolate Treasure.

It's a simple layered pie. In fact, you don't even have to make a crust. I buy a store bought graham cracker crust to make it. The first layer is one 8oz block of cream cheese mixed with 1 cup of whipped cream. The second layer is chocolate pudding and that is topped with whipped cream. Literally, the easiest pie you need in your repertoire.

I was making this for an event just before Easter so I added those delicious Cadbury Mini Eggs around the outside of the pie. It is pure heaven for sure! It is a perfect, easy spring treat for any gathering!

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