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Sweetie La Pie: Freezer Strawberry Shortcake

For the last 99 years the town we live in has had Strawberry Days and I would be lying if I said I didn't want a strawberry pie. In fact I am ashamed I never made one before considering that The Strawberry Nest was my name until recently, and that is inspired by Strawberry Days as well.

Back to Strawberry Days. For a week each June there is a festival here in town. We have a rodeo, fair (plus fair food!), parade, kid activities each day... Just call us Mayberry. It is so fun. The part I love the most is Strawberries & Cream... If you know you know. The end there.

When I saw this pin on Pinterest for Freezer Strawberry Shortcake Pie I KNEW I had to make it for June.

First, the crust is not one I had ever thought to make, Nilla Wafer crust. Like graham cracker crust, but with Nilla Wafers. Sign my life away now. Delicious.

The filling is pureed fresh strawberries, heavy whipping cream (made to whipped cream), cream cheese, and then topped with the strawberry shortcake crumbles. Those crumbles are what make this pie.

It was a little bit labor intensive and I am super grateful I have my moms Kitchenaid here because I used both mine and hers.

This pie tasted so good. I had one piece left after The Society and Scott ate it the next day while I worked a wedding and I got the following text:

Here lies a pan

That is now spic and span

I eat the pie

As fast I can

Yum Yum!!!

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