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To-Do List Overwhelm

Last week I talked about tackling your to-do list and gave you some ideas to help you with overcoming the brain overwhelm. However, I failed in making it easy for you. Sure, it's great to find a piece of paper somewhere and write it down... But wouldn't it be nice to have it laid out for you?

So, I created a printable for you to print up over and over again! It has a place for you to brain dump. There is a spot for you to prioritize. And it has all of the instructions on how to go about your to-do list that I talked about in last weeks blog post (HERE).

I would love to see you using your to-do list and getting your day organized! If you are using it, please share about it on social media and tag me, I promise to share! You just have to download the PDF below.

To Do List Cheat Sheet PDF
Download PDF • 471KB

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