Branding Photos Tips

I am not good at this whole being in front of the camera, but I am always learning! Today I want to share a three of my tried and true tips for making it the most successful thing you do.


When I did my photoshoot I wore a pair of jeans and then brought 6 tops to change in to for different looks. Bring more than you think you will need, because then you have options. But wear a base for everything and move around from there. I would also pick several different colors to choose from so you get a good variety of looks.


Get your booty moving. Every time you hear the click of the camera move, even just slightly. Turn your head a little more one way, adjust your hand, touch your hair or face. Small moves will create more photos rather than the same one over and over again.

All of these were taken in quick succession of each other, but notice how each moves to the next? Because each time Britanee clicked her camera I moved to another pose in a very fluid movement. So get moving. Remember, you won't see the bad photos of yourself. Your photographer won't even think twice about them.