Creating A Work Flow

When you are getting started with figuring out your batching schedule it is super important to figure out your work flow. When I was working in insurance full time, my mornings started the same every day.

  • Get to the office, turn on computer, unforward phones.

  • Make breakfast (it was usually brought from home, just put together in the little office kitchenette)

  • Back to desk, filter emails, open my favorite blog to read (not my own). Eat.

  • Listen to Voicemails and prioritize to call back.

  • Respond to emails and return voicemails.

I would give myself 30 minutes to do all of the above, of course responding to emails and returning voicemails can take longer than that 30 minutes, but it was still my workflow. Each day started the same and got me in the zone. Now that I work from home here at Cultivate and with The Party Collab I have had to work on creating my workflow. And to be honest, the last two weeks have been so out of whack and I can feel it.