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Tackle Your To-Do List

Do you have a million things you need to get done but sit down on the couch, open your phone and scroll social media? Yeah, I get it. It is way easier to ignore the to-do list when you feel overwhelmed. And when the list consists of not fun things, no one wants to do that.

I have found that if I brain dump all the things in my head that I need to do then I can prioritize them. It also helps me with the ADD of getting things done. You know, the meme of the mom who is cleaning the kitchen and goes to put the kitchen dish towel in the laundry but gets side tracked with the puzzle on the floor and picks that up. Then she forgets that she was cleaning the kitchen and starts folding laundry.

Does that sound familiar? Same.

I was doing a lot of that, and one day I felt like the house work was going to swallow me whole. I didn't want to be home because I didn't want to see all that I had to do. I got in the car and noticed my notebook in my purse. I grabbed the pen in cup holder and wrote down everything I had rolling around in my head. After I had everything down I was able to prioritize what needed to happen first. And because somethings naturally have to happen before you can do the next step (think sweeping and mopping) it was easy to get my list manageable.

1. Write it down

Sit down with pen and paper. Write down everything that comes to your mind. Getting it out of your head will allow you to think clearly.

2. Prioritize

Now that you have it out of your head you can assign numbers. Starting with the most pressing being number 1. Put anything that has to happen before you can do another item higher in rank will help you get things done quicker.

3. Set a timer

This is where I bet with myself. I write the time I think each task will take next to it. And then I set the timer to that time and get started on the task at hand. I love when I am able to complete the task before that timer goes off.

4. Cross it off

The most satisfying part of a to-do list, besides completing the tasks, is putting the checkmark in the box because it is finished! This part of the process is crucial. One, it lets you know where you are on that list. Two, it completes the task. Three, it will finalize its removal from your brain.

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