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A Personal Branding Session

If you remember, about 6 weeks ago I went and did my very first TV segment on Good Things Utah. I was so nervous, it actually launched me in to changing to a new website, moving my blog from it's original space.

Then I remembered, I should have some new headshots because I am not blonde anymore and it will look great on the new website. I reached out to the most talented, Britanee Jean Photography, and we set a date and time at a studio close by.

Why should you do a branding session with a photographer? It gives you more professional photos to use on your website, social media and everywhere else. A photographer will take WAY better photos than you can take of yourself with your ring light and timer. It will give you a TON of photos... and when I say a ton of photos, Britanee and I had the studio for 30 minutes and we got 60 photos with 6 different outfits.

You can read Britanee's post about it here.

When should you do a branding session? NOW. You will not ever regret it. I space out the photos that we took in my content, but even if I used one photo every day that I posted it would take 12 weeks for me to get through all the photos. That's an entire quarter of the year! You wouldn't have to think about what photo to use or take a selfie that you don't love.

What happens at a branding session? You show up with your photographer and get to work. The two of you will have talked about all the shots you want to get out of your session. You will know what outfits to bring, what props to bring and how you will be using all of them together. You will have a lot of fun if you pick the right photographer for your session. Find one that matches your style of business and that will enhance your photos to fit your brand.

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