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Making Easter Special

Easter is upon us! I don't even know how it happened SO FAST. It feels like it was just January. I always think of Easter as the official start to Spring. It's the ultimate celebration of happiness because color comes back, everything seems brighter and the flowers are poking up through the ground.

I love making holidays special for my family. I want them to feel like holidays were magical, even if they were small. These kids are only this age once. What gives me the fuel to keep going is when my big kids bring up their love for a certain tradition! Knowing that they love it and want to see it again is what fills my soul.

Scavenger Hunt

I love making a scavenger hunt for my kids Easter baskets. Watching the big kids and the little kids working together brings me so much joy. Plus it gives the morning a few minutes before it gets crazy with the egg hunt.

Deviled Eggs

When I was a little girl we would dye eggs. And then we would turn them in to deviled eggs to go with dinner. It's such a fun tradition and I should totally dye eggs with my kids. I just don't have the patience for the mess.

Egg Hunt

My in-laws do the most fun Easter thing ever. We all get together for dinner and then the kids have to hide in the front living room where they can't see the back yard. Each family brings 10 eggs filled with candy for each kid participating. All the eggs get hidden in the back yard. Once they are hidden the kids sit on the back steps for a photo together and then run to find their eggs. I love watching the big kids help the little kids get treats. And of course Grandma does all the fun special eggs for the kids.

Read Stories

I have loved all of the books for holidays with my kids. I collect them for sure. Here are some of my favorite:

Let's just talk about the elephant in the room. Candy. Why does Easter candy taste better than all other candy all year?

It must be the Cadbury Mini Eggs. That's what makes Easter candy on such a high pedestal.

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