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Batching 101

When you are in the middle of a project... Whether it be creating content online, taking photos, creating party favors, just anything you do in a big amount is batching.

Think about when you are cutting out snow flakes for a winter window, you will cut out all the paper snowflakes in one sitting, you batched them. Making cookies... Batching! (I am going to go make a batch of cookies now... please hold.)

When you are working on a project for work and you have the same thing to do for different departments, you can capitalize on getting "in the zone" by doing all of them at one time with the small variance per department. You set aside time to do all of it, and make the small tweak and get it all done in no time.

I feel like when you are batching you will be more efficient with your time and brain power so you don't have to think about it again. Let me share a little of my batching process with you:

1 Day: Planning Content

2-3 Days: Writing all blog posts

4-5 Days: Creating anything that needs to be photographed, gathering past photos

3 Days: Photographing

1 Day: Editing all photos

1 Day: Adding photos to posts

By keeping it on one part of the whole project at a time, I get things done faster and don't miss a single thing. (most of the time!)

Do you batch things in your life?

A simple way to batch is to get set aside time in your day to do a quick clean of the house. I set a timer each morning to clean the kitchen at around the same time. Then I set another timer for the living room and voila. It happens the next day, but it gets done every day!

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