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Your Home Routine

If you're new here I want to share a little about my home routine. Even if you're not new reading this blog, there is new information here for you too.

15 years ago I was married, had two little kids and my husband (we are now divorced) deployed to Iraq. Courtney was 3 and Alex was 6 months old. It was a scary time for me. He was in Downton Baghdad living outside the green zone. I had 0 control over anything happening over on the other side of the world. All I could control was my little world back at home. I first started with my morning routine and getting ready for the day. You can read about that here.

Beyond taking care of myself I learned I needed to take care of my home. My environment. So I started to implement a routine of when I would do certain chores. This allowed me to know that things had been done and be able to plan my days better. At that time I had two napping kids and was able to do a lot of the chores while they slept. But as kids have grown out of naps and gotten older I have adjusted as well.

Having a set day for chores has allowed me the freedom to let something go until the next day when it was scheduled. Of course, having little kids there are time where you have to do something when not scheduled. But, I have stayed on top of housework and had more freedom in my home since setting a schedule.


Since I was pregnant with Courtney I have done laundry one day a week. That's it. One day each week and I do all the laundry. Now, Scott has taken up helping by folding and putting it all away that evening. The big kids have their own laundry day as well. And if there is a need for another load of laundry in the middle of the week I will do that.

I have daily chores as well like vacuuming, dishes, sweeping and garbage. Dusting is 3 days a week. Mopping happens 3 times a week and bathrooms are deep cleaned each Saturday.


While it wasn't ever super intentional, it naturally became routine and I love it! On the last Monday of each month I make my dinner meal plan for the following month. This helps me to make my grocery lists for what we will need to make them. I do a big grocery shopping trip each month at Costco, put in a grocery pick up order with Walmart and stop at my favorite store for produce. Then each week I stop for fresh produce and milk. This has helped me stay in budget and stick to my meal plan.


Each season I will go through clothes and make sure they are in good condition and still fit. If either of those is a no then they are donated or tossed. I do this for my kids as well. I will replace anything that needs it. I also change out the decor for holidays or seasons in the home as well. It is such a nice way to refresh everything!

I want to challenge you to sit and really think about your home routine and see if there is something you can do to make your home routine easier for you and your family. Write out all the chores that you need to do, when you usually do them and what you want it to look like. There is no right or wrong way to do this. You do what works for you!

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