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Where The Wild Things Are Party

Whew. What a weekend! We were hit with a stomach bug, PLUS we had family fly in for Oliver’s party. So we adjusted and were still able to have the party. I saw the Where The Wild Things Are party idea on Pinterest. I loved it. And I came up with lots of decor ideas, but finding all of the things for the decor was a little on the hard side. I still think it turned out adorable.

Remember how I made this craft? I recycled my leaves to make a long vine to decorate with! Winning! I just used some hemp twine and wound it around the intact loops. Next I used my hot glue gun to glue at least one more leaf to the others and sometimes a third leaf. I love the way it turned out.

I found a couple of fun banners to hang up too. One was gold sparkly crowns and the other was a cute little pennant that looked like wood. I used the crowns to decorate three little evergreen trees. The one that looked like wood was placed around the bay windows just below the vine I made.

I asked Scott to make a “boat” for decor! He used our wagon as a frame and a lot of cardboard. He spray painted lines on for planks of wood. And then he drew a Wild Thing on cardstock to add as a finishing touch to the boat.

For Oliver’s cake I bought a cute live edge wood platter.

I put some cute little Where The Wild Things Are quotes on my letterboard and light boxes.

We served Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner before we did cake. Look for a recipe soon! I didn’t get photos of everything laid out because everyone started eating SO FAST!

But here is sweet Oliver with his cake. He was not a fan of the attention at all! He kept saying “ooohhhh” as he ate the cake.

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