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What To Wear as The Wedding Planner to A Wedding

I have tried a lot of different things for what to wear to a wedding I am working. The needs are great when it comes to what I need my outfits to do. It depends on what time of year, weather outside and what I am doing at the wedding.

When I am at the venue setting up for my weddings I wear clothes that can get dirty, tennis shoes because I am running around like crazy, and something to change out of just before guests start arriving.

Leggings: depending on the time of year they are cropped (23in) or full length (25in)

Sports Bra: I love the way this fits

Tennis Shoes: These have the best arch support of my life. To be fair, my best friend's husband works for Nike and I go them 50% off at the employee store.

Top: I like something a little more loose when I am setting up.

Once I have everything set up and before people start showing up I dash in to the bathroom and change in to my event clothes. I freshen up (thank you shower wipes!) and fix my hair. I have a couple of outfits I can choose from.

Joggers: I have two sets of these

Blouse Tee: The match to the joggers

This is my most used combo of outfits. I have two full sets of it, plus a couple extra tops because I live in the desert and it is hot! I love the look of the jumpsuit with the convenience of two pieces. If you use the code STRAWBERRYNEST10 you can save 10% off of your order.

Jumpsuit: Perfect for a wedding that is in a more expensive venue.

Shoes still need to be super comfortable and functional even when I am dressed up more. I have found the following to be my top picks.

Rothy's: They are classic black ballet flats. They aren't sneakers, but aren't heels. I don't love wearing heels when I am on the go. I want to try these and Birdies. For now it's flats from Target.

Black Sneakers: I wear these when it's an outdoor wedding and I know I will be in the grass and soil.

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