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Valentine's Looks

If you didn't know, pink is my very favorite color. Valentine's is my favorite for the very reason that pink is the spokes-color of Valentine's Day. I have gathered a few items that I am loving for this season! Yes, they are pink, have hearts, make me smile and happy! If you have kids who still have Valentine's parties, these are perfect... And if you do The Love Cafe like we do, these are perfect serving attire! (If you don't know The Love Cafe, stay tuned!)

I have two items on this list... and I am seriously looking at a couple more pieces to purchase. On Friday afternoon I took Oliver for a haircut and we stopped in Target. We browsed the Dollar Spot, because it's Oliver's favorite treasure spot! Off to the right I saw the Pink Tulle Skirt and immediately found my size and put it in the cart. There wasn't a question that I was leaving it at the store.

The Pink Heart Sweater I also purchased. I saw it on my friend Amanda's stories and immediately stopped at Walmart to grab it.

I am tempted to get the Heart Scarf and tie it on my purse to carry it around all month. Is it too much?

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