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Updated Fireplace

When you own a home it seems like there is a never ending list of things to do. Different projects. Some you choose to do and some you have to do. Our home was built in the late 90’s. And there are still some elements that show it was built then. Enter the fireplace. You would know it was from the 90’s. I have been wanting to update it since we got married.

It is a gas fireplace. It serves a great purpose. However it had gold, yes, gold details. I had seen a few pins on Pinterest about spray painting your fireplace black to bring it to the 21st century. I had shown Scott on a handful of occasions. Finally he was ready to make the update!

We got a can of High Heat spray paint (ad link) in flat black to make everything match. It took us a few YouTube videos to figure out how to take the front plate off of the fireplace, but we were successful. Since we were taking the whole thing apart we decided to give it a good cleaning as well. Scott admitted to me that this was the first time he

had cleaned the fireplace in the 11 years he has owned the home.

I wiped down all of the surfaces that we were going to be spray painting as we want

ed to paint to adhere really well. We vacuumed up all of the dust in the fire part of the fireplace. The glass was incredibly dirty and I was so glad we cleaned it. The fireplace looks completely brand new! You would never know it had been made in the 90’s or that it was spray painted!

Now I am trying to convince Scott that we should take the tile down and do some shiplap around the fireplace! I would even love to have it be natural wood, not white. I think it would warm our living room right up!

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