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The Future of Cultivate

Recently I spent a weekend away with my dear friend, Britanee! It was a great way to start the year, end Christmas Break, get set up for an upcoming year. We talked pricing, direction, set goals, created content, did small things. It was perfect.

Part of my goal was to define where I am going in my business. I feel it is time to make changes. Last year I didn't market, I rarely posted on social media or here! In 2022 I had some experiences with brides that rocked my world. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. But as I have moved away from the busy of weddings I realize it is time to adjust the course and make some changes.

Britanee and I talked about my content and what I wanted to share, be known for and what I am good at. Her insight was phenomenal and helpful. She said, "your strengths are organization, time management, being a mom of 4 who owns two businesses" so that is where my focus is going. Sharing things that I do in my life. Cultivating a space to help you find a routine, make space, how and what I do and still having traditions and holidays in there.

That being said, what are your pain points on this? Where are you stuck or struggling? I want to create content that will serve you and help you.

One thing I am currently working on is my online calendar and how to make it a better priority in my life and setting it up to work for me. I'm also working on creating a schedule that works for my family and businesses. It's a work in progress for sure!

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