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The First Day(s) of School

I had to add the s... because we have multiple first days this year, and we aren't even done! Phew. I am already tired.

I love this time of year. I will say it over and over. It is the best. It feels like we all get the chance to reset ourselves and lives. I am also looking forward to less people home during the day so I can get back to my routine of creating content, being productive with things that fill my heart with joy... Yes my kids fill me with joy, however I need the break from them too.


Senior. Laid back classes. Excited to be around her friends again daily. Doesn't have to worry about adulting just yet.


Freshman. New School. College ID card. BIG changes. Excited to go to school. In his element. Prepared for long commutes to and from school.


Kindergarten. She cannot wait to go to school every day. Wants to be a big kid. Ready to make all the new friends and learn all the things.


Preschool. Super excited to play with friends. Wants to go to Kindergarten. Can't wait to go.

All in all, I think this year is going to be amazing for our kids.

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