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Plan With Me: December

I feel so good about this month. It might be because we have a trip planned for the end of the year that I cannot wait for. December is generally a busy month for people. There are plenty of holiday parties, family get togethers, ugly sweater contests and lots of memories to be made.

First, let's start with daily tasks. Go ahead, write out things you do each day. I find that if I write them out and can cross them off I feel like I have accomplished things.

  • Make Bed

  • Get ready

  • Personal Development: Scriptures, Gratitude, Read Burnout

  • Workout

  • Instagram posting

  • Claire to & from school

  • Make Dinner

  • Sweep & Mop

Next, I am going to write out what I know is happening this month. Your turn, write out the things you know you have.

2nd: The Society

2 & 3rd: Patrick's Office

4th: Mixhers Pop-up Shop

Christ Kindle Market Date

7th: Dr Appointment

11th: Nutcracker

15th: Event: Christmas Party for Mixhers

16th: The Society

17th: Early Release - Courtney & Claire

Courtney Driver's Test

20th: Dentist Appointments

21st: Dr Appointment

23rd: Mom's Birthday

25th: Christmas

26th: Leave for Vacation

29th: Back home

30th: Happy Birthday Alex

Because I have written out what I know is on the calendar it helps me to better plan if and when someone asks to do something. I have an idea

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