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Our Love Cafe

A few years ago my friend Cami posted the Love Bistro that she and her family does each year. She shared everything for it. We did it that year and we were hooked! My family loved it. Cami didn't have it available anymore when I wanted to link to it, so I asked her if I could edit it to make it my own and share it. She absolutely agreed and you now have The Love Cafe. It is a night my kids all talk about, anticipate and throughly enjoy! In fact last year, while down at school, Courtney called and said she was so sad to be missing The Love Cafe.

Another fun testimonial about how fun this dinner is my dear friend, Anjuli. She did it for her family last year and they loved it. She has a little boy who is a month older than Oliver and he fell in love with it. So much love that he asked to have it for his birthday dinner a few weeks later! How cute, right?!

I am going to share the documents for The Love Cafe at the end of this post. You can download and print them.

On Valentine's Day I set up my backdrop stand and hang black out curtains on it. I set it up to hide my kitchen from the dining room. I have my table set all cute with all things PINK... and some red ... and the menu with pens at each place setting. I have them all filled out and take them. I keep them on my counter and get the first course started. After I serve the first course I am quickly working on getting the second course ready to go. After I serve the second course I get the last course ready and serve it!

The way The Love Cafe works is each person picks a song and a color. Each song is a part of the meal and each color is a different utensil... So you could be eating jell-o with a knife... It's hilarious. I hope you enjoy it at your house! If you do The Love Cafe, please share on social media and tag me!

Download The Love Cafe HERE

The Love Cafe
Download PDF • 393KB

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Excited to do it again! He is all ready asking about it!

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