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Organizing All the Holiday Stuff

I love the idea of having a central place to keep all of my Holiday Stuff. You know, lists of what needs to happen, what the menu is, gifts that have been bought, Christmas cards. All the Holiday Stuff.

After searching the internet far and wide I found one that is so pretty. However, it is made by a company in England, and I didn’t know if I ordered it if I would get it in time to use it this year.


My search continued until I found the cutest one on Etsy! It is 15 pages to print out on your own. I purchased a 1/2 inch binder to put it all in. Some of the pages you could print more of if you needed them. I think I am going to end up printing a few more. I had my first set printed at the UPS store in my town. And I recommend doing that for the amazing finish you get.


I love that this planner will help me keep track of the gifts I order, the gifts I purchase in store and where they need to go. It also is helping me get my menu figured out for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We all know how the holidays get busy and being able to plan further ahead is going to take some pressure off!

Now I have to hide it from my family so they don’t see the gift lists! Do you have a holiday planner that you love? Where did you get it?

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