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Oh hey there!

Yep. I did it again. I fell off the face of the planet. However, my reasons are sound. And sad. And hard. I have had a bunch of time to think about where I want to move toward on this little corner of the internet.

Oliver had a birthday, it was Easter, then my mom was diagnosed with cancer, then it was Mother's Day, and my birthday, school got out, summer started, mom had surgery, we camped a little, mom started chemo, school started, doctors visits at least once a week. That's been my summer. And my life since April.

Yes, my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer back in May. For the SECOND time. 13 years and 2 days prior to her diagnosis my mom had a double mastectomy. So, riddle me that? May turned in to a bunch of doctor visits and planning for all the treatments.

As I have stepped into the role of primary care giver/support person for my mom my time and energy levels have dropped. I have done a lot of things, but also not had the time or brain power to be active here.

That being said: LIFE IS CALMING DOWN!

I think this new routine with school starting, doctors appointments being less frequent and feeling more in control of my time is going to be great.

I am looking forward to shifting my content toward things that are more lifestyle, tradition and home life based! More on that to come!

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