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New Year, New Storage

I love the New Year. It brings about a lot of promise for a lot of things. This year I am joining a creativity blog party each month. I am excited for this since it will give me a reason to make a mess of craft stuff on the kitchen table each month and get creative with my hands.

Because it is the new year and my mind is on organization I thought I would show you how I organize and recycle all of those Amazon boxes from the holidays!

Here is what you will need (ad links) :

  1. Boxes (Mine came from Amazon with all of our Christmas presents)

  2. Packaging Tape

  3. Becky Higgins Stone Wrap

  4. Scissors

I cut the top flaps off of my box and started measuring my Stone Wrap. I measured it as if I were wrapping a present. It was not technical at all!

This is where it gets tricky. I know it looks like I have a lot of paper for the little box, but I am also going to put paper on the inside! I cut lines down to meet up with the box so that it was easy to fold inside and keep the outside looking smooth.

Then I just folded the pieces up and over on the short sides first, then the long sides. I used the packing tape to secure the folded pieces to the inside of the box. The longer sides had a little bit of overlay that I wrapped around and under the shorter sides paper to create a seamless look. I added tape to the corners to keep the paper in place and to give extra support.

And to finish it off, you can see in the above photo that one of the shorter sides didn’t reach all the way to the bottom, so I used a scrap of the same paper and cut it down to fit inside. And, voila! My box is done!

I am using this little box to hold a few of my favorite things to photograph with. That way I don’t have to look high and low to find those odds and ends. Plus, I think it is darling and I will enjoy using it each time I take photos!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that your coming up with ideas on how to be more organized with a cute recycled storage bin! This post is part of the Inspire My Creativity link party that I co-host. Our theme for January is FREE FOR ALL, so ANYTHING goes! The other co-hosts are sharing their projects today. I would love for you to see what they came up with!

Next months them is BUTTONS. I can’t wait to show you what I have in mind for that!

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