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Farmhouse Valentine Button Garland

It is time for our monthly installment of Inspire My Creativity! The theme for this month is BUTTONS. It also happens to be Valentine’s Day tomorrow, so I combined my love (pun intended) for pink and more pink with the theme for February.

I created the cutest decor piece, a pink and hot pink button garland. It has a little bit of a farmhouse feel to it too. It was so easy to make. I love crafts, but I need them to be easy and quick with the way my life is right now.

Guess what else? I am giving one away to one of my lucky readers and followers on Instagram. So you can follow me here and enter!

If you want to make your own here is what you need (contains ad links):

  1. hemp twine

  2. pink buttons (or any color you want) (the buttons I purchased are no longer in stock the ones linked are similar)

I cut off a section of the hemp twine (it was pretty long, I tried to eyeball about how long for the amount of buttons.) and decided I would do an A,B pattern with my buttons. I had first thought I would just do whatever button I picked up, and then changed my mind.

The buttons I purchased had 4 holes in them. I would poke the hemp twine through one hole and then bring it down through the hole across from it.

I tried to keep about a thumbs width distance between each of the buttons. It wasn’t always perfect measurement, but that is the beauty of something handmade. It has slight imperfections.

You got to see a sneak peek at the garland in my Valentine’s Decor post a couple of weeks ago.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for your chance to win your own button garland for you and a friend!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you go enter my giveaway on Instagram! This post is part of the Inspire My Creativity link party that I co-host. Our theme for February is BUTTONS! The other co-hosts are sharing their projects today. I would love for you to see what they came up with!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!Click here to enter

Next months theme is SPRING! I can’t wait to show you what I am doing next month!

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