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May Shopping

Today I am sharing all the things that I shared on my Instagram Stories, Instagram Feed or even little things on here so you can find it all in one place easily.

Homer App: I have been using this app with Claire and Oliver and they LOVE it. It's educational, Claire and Oliver can be learning while I get the floors mopped (we all know how annoying it is when they walk on the places you just cleaned.). You get a free month with home when you click HERE.

Sodalicious: It is a habit I keep trying to break without any luck. My favorite drink is the Southern Gentleman. I also enjoy the Blackberry Lemonade.

Shine Lipgloss: I have so many of these and they are hands down the best ever. The colors I have are: Bloom, Good Life, Cultivate, Sassy, Bold, Lively, Royal, Admired, Goals, and Awesome... Some of them I have multiple of so I never run out.


Paint Colors: Grey (Fast as the Wind), Green (In The Moment), Black (no fancy color here)

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