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Last month I was shopping at Ulta and purchased a couple products from IT Cosmetics and came home with a freebie sample of their Confidence in a… line. The little bag came with the Cleanser, Eye Cream and Cream. While shopping around I had commented that I would love to try them without knowing that there was a sample set with purchase! It was a lovely surprise. I knew I would be doing a review for you with what I discovered.

Spoiler alert: Full sizes have been purchased.


The Cleanser: It’s a great cleanser. I have not purchased a full size of this yet. When I remove my make up at night I use one cleanser. In the morning I use another cleanser with my Clarisonic. I love the cleansers I have currently and there wasn’t enough life changing difference for me to not finish what I already have first. Would I purchase it in the future? Yep.

The Eye Cream: So creamy and moisturizing. Compared to the eye cream I have been using, the Confidence In An Eye Cream wins. A million times over it wins. I have felt like the skin around my eyes is more moisturized, more plump (this is an area we want to be more plump) and my dark circles are less dark. With longer use I think they will be completely gone… Maybe I need to be sleeping through the night before they are fully gone. Will I be purchasing the full size of this? ABSOLUTELY.

The Cream: The amount of moisture my skin absorbed is unparalleled. My skin felt like it was finally dehydrated after years of slowly losing moisture. I live in a desert. This is the driest air I have ever been in. And my skin has been getting dryer and dryer. I drink so much water to hydrate it from the inside out. I use several different things to add moisture back in that are effective, but they all work better with this moisturizer. Did I buy the full size? YES! A week after I got the trials was the day for Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty that this moisturizer was 50% off. So I purchased it.

Have you used this skin care line? What do you like most about it?

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