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I Was On TV!

Last year I went on Good Things Utah and it was amazing. They asked me to come back in the fall, but I just was so busy and couldn't come up with a good topic... Then last month it hit me. I reached out to my contact and we set a date!

Catching a quick selfie in the green room.

I got to talk all about why you need a wedding coordinator. In my experience with doing television segments you send over all the information to the producers. They asked me what my talking points are, a few other things like how to find me and for photos. Here are my talking points:

You don't want to work on your/your child's wedding day

You need someone to make sure your ceremony & reception goes smoothly

You need to know how to create a wedding timeline

A coordinator will make sure you stay hydrated and fed during your wedding

Your coordinator will be your decor manager, crisis averter, therapist and last minute magician.

Hiring a coordinator will take all of the stress of your big day and you will get to be present.

The morning of the interview I got up early to shower and get ready, drove up to Salt Lake City to have a blowout and get to the TV station. I got there, signed in, went to the green room and then was pulled on set. I watched for a few minutes before getting a mic on. Then it was my turn to spend 5 minutes talking about weddings in my interview. I loved it.

If you would like to watch it, click here.

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