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I Stopped Washing My Hair: {part 3}My Routine

Updated: May 14, 2021

Before you read this post: start at the beginning HERE, and my second post on it HERE.

In case you didn’t know. I don’t love to wash my hair. And I learned that it is actually good for you! You guys, save time and have better hair! I call that winning at life.

In my last post I said I was having to wash every week because the oil production has picked back up, which was true. Since then I have been going two weeks between washes. And I have a secret.


Us the No-Poo method.

The schedule/routine/practice you have all been waiting for:

First Sunday

  1. Brush hair out really well, stimulating the scalp to get the grit and grime ready to be washed away.

  2. Wash my hair twice (sometimes 3 times if I need to use a purple shampoo to get rid of the brassy hair) with Tea Tree Tingle from Trader Joe’s

  3. Use any of the amazing conditioners from THIS post. I kind of go with how my hair has been looking and feeling to decide what is needed. Let that sit while I wash my body, shave, clean the shower (my friend Mara taught me the coolest trick for this) and then I rinse it with cooler water to seal my hair follicle.

  4. I do not wrap my hair up in a towel. It is most fragile when wet and it breaks off easily. I finger comb my hair to avoid breakage.

  5. I apply the products listed in THIS post in the order I use them.

  6. Blow dry roots of hair opposite way they lay to get some great volume! Volume in my hair is one thing I lack. After I dry the roots I let the rest air dry.

  7. Style as I want, sometimes it’s beach waves and sometimes its more natural softness.

Second Sunday

  1. No-Poo: get in the shower with no shower cap. Get your hair wet and pretend like you have shampoo in it. Scrub the scalp with the pads of your fingers. This helps remove oil without drying out the scalp and stripping the hair of all the good oils.

  2. Condition: I usually use a moisturizing mask on this day. My hair is dry, needs some TLC.

  3. Repeat the steps for products and styling.

Third Sunday

Repeat First Sunday if you feel the need to wash your hair. Or repeat Second Sunday if you think you can extend your time between shampoos!

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