I Stopped Washing my Hair {part 1}

Gasp! What? Gross!

I have been trying to go longer between washes for a while. I used to be one who would at least get my hair wet and condition every single day. I finally stopped doing that in November 2018. I got myself a shower cap and was going 2 days between washing. And it kept getting longer. I would use dry shampoo to extend my days.

In January my scalp got super flakey and dry. I picked up Neutrogena T-Gel and proceeded to wash my hair. Then the second night I would load my scalp up with oils to moisturized and then wash again the next morning. So it was every other day. That was helping a little, but not enough. It was itchy, white flakes everywhere if I scratched it. My scalp was sore. I stopped using the Neutrogena and picked up Kristen Ess’ Scalp Hair Care Collection at Target and I really liked it. The scalp and hair mask was my most favorite and I still use it. I was still washing A LOT and using oil the night before. I was wanting to moisturize my scalp to stop the dryness, which would stop the itching and the flaking.

I picked up a few items from