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A Birthday Wish Scott

My most very favorite person in the world is having a birthday! Let's Celebrate!

Scott has been my biggest fan, biggest supporter, and my greatest blessing. Last year I was planning this huge birthday for him (It was a milestone birthday), and we all know how that turned out. (see HERE) In fact, when I went to find that link I realized I had used the same title for this post... I changed it.

This year, we are keeping it low key again. I am not going to share the plans I have with you here, I don't want to ruin the surprise if he happens to read this.


You are by far my greatest blessing. I love living this life with you. I love when we steal time away just the two of us. When we first met I was so smitten with you, and I feel so lucky that I get to create a life we love with you.

Thank you for being such an amazing husband, father and human being. You really are my the best person I know. I love you and Happy Birthday!



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