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Here Comes Christmas Decor

I feel like getting my Christmas Decor up this year took forever. I am balancing going all out in decorating and living with a very curious three year old. While I was getting everything out of the totes I decided to go through it and get rid of a bit too.

I purchased this over a year ago and just barely got it painted and put glitter on it!

I love the blanket ladder that Scott made me earlier this year! I was able to display the Christmas blanket my mom made for me a few years ago. And the little sign (thank you, Target $ section) is perfect on the ladder. When I was a teen my mom made an advent calendar at a craft day, and I always loved it. I was so happy when she made me one of my own! I have a love for candy dishes and displaying them at Christmas.

Again, I love the little white shelf in my living room. I was able to find a Christmas gnome at HomeGoods and he is perfect. As you can tell, banners are a big part of my decor for holidays. I love how simple and easy they are. I was at Hobby Lobby with my mom when I saw the cutest plate and mug rack. It holds 6 plates. In my hunt, I found these, again at Hobby Lobby.

In my entry way, there has always been a bunch of mistletoe hanging at Christmas. We have been teaching Claire how to go under the mistletoe and give someone a kiss. My entry table has been decorated and I adore it. I love having candles lit, it creates a cozy environment. And again, I was able to trade out the panel on my pillow for something Christmas-y!

Do you have a nativity that you love? I received this one by Jim Shore as a gift many years ago. It is my most favorite Christmas decoration to put out. I have a little basket out of all the Christmas Cards we have received each year. I haven’t bundled the 2017 cards yet, but I need to! I love being able to go through and see how friends and family have changed over the years.

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