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Hello 2024!

My intentions have been good in the last year to get back on and post. I would come up with content ideas and create a plan... Get one post in and then BOOM. Nothing.

I am currently sitting next to my mom while she gets her last chemo treatment on Halloween. Yep. A whole 2 months before this post will be live. I figure if I give myself the next two months to get some content created I will be more successful. Fingers crossed.

I won't lie. I am happy to see 2023 in my rearview mirror right now. It was rough on so many fronts. I will share a lot of that here. I am manifesting Health, Good Vibes, Routines, Survival and Contentment in 2024.

I want this year to be more comfortable in living rather than struggling to survive. Last year was long, emotional, a constant state of planning and on edge. This year, I want things to flow nicely. I am fully aware that life is what happens when you making plans.

Here's what I have to look forward to this year:

Family Cruise


Washington DC (hopefully!)

We are in our second year at our insurance agency and I can only look forward to us being more and more successful. The first year was long, had some surprises we weren't expecting and a few things we didn't even think about. We have come up with a great plan for this year and I cannot wait for it.

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