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A Love Letter

Dear Scott,

Ten years ago today we set off on a little adventure together. Moving me, Courtney and Alex to Utah from Seattle, WA. Who knew then that we were embarking on cultivating a life together?

We spend nights watching Chuck together. Days hiking. And so many moments falling in love.

I still look back at the morning we set off so early and I had put a gift on your seat in the Uhaul. You had put a gift on my seat in my car... And on each kid's seat. I couldn't have felt more seen and more loved. Even though we hadn't said we love each other yet. The actions said it loud and clear.

I am grateful that 10 years later, I know I love you. I know you love me. Thank you for making this life be as amazing as it is. I love you. I love our life. I love that we are always working at being the best for each other.



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