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Favorites Friday

A few of my favorite things today! And a little something I would love your help deciding on!

I think these flats (ad link) are pretty cute… I may add them to my prime wardrobe box that I am putting together. I bought the perfect ballet flats in the summer of 2017 and wore them all over France.  I wore them right out!

The Voice came back on last week and I couldn’t be happier.  Who watches?  I love the blinds and the first few rounds, but once the live shows start I lose interest… Am I the only one?

I have been debating doing a Capsule Wardrobe. The idea of it is super appealing. When Oliver was born, I scaled my closed way back.  I didn’t want to have to stand in my closet looking at my clothes and have nothing to wear.  Having key pieces and making multiple outfits from them sounds so much easier than what I currently have going on. Maybe I should do a trial week to ten days of a capsule wardrobe and see how I like it.

Now that the temperatures are cooling down in the desert I am excited to use my instant pot and make this delicious soup.  Do you have a favorite instant pot or crock pot soup I should try?

Deciding between two free standing mirrors for my room has been so difficult for me.  I would love to know which one you would pick.  I love both of them.

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