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Farmhouse Halloween Decor

A long time ago (10ish years) I would host a big Halloween party. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of work. Now we have transitioned in to throwing a big Christmas party each year.

I gave myself the same kind of goal with Halloween decorations as with the fall decor. I wanted it to fit in with the rest of our home decor. Halloween does come with more specific colors that make it Halloween. I kept everything as minimal as possible while allowing those colors to be incorporated.

I got this cute HALLOWEEN sign at the Vintage Market Days in Logan, Utah a couple weekends ago. I wish I remembered the cute shop name. She had the best prints. I love how simple it is. I love that the date does not include a year.

My letter board is quickly becoming one of my favorite decor pieces since I can make it match everything! I just picked up the little pumpkins (short and tall) at Hobby Lobby.

On my table I have a little tray that includes these cute little mason jars I painted and added little faces to a few years ago. I got the buffalo plaid table runner at Hobby Lobby.

This little spot has become most favorite in my house to decorate. When we repainted back in May I decided to take my time putting stuff on the walls and be very deliberate about where things went. Putting these pieces together has been perfect for me. I can add a little seasonal and holiday decor in with existing decor and it is beautiful.

My entry table is also a fun place for me to decorate. I really enjoyed putting it together. Scroll down to see more details.

This Rae Dunn bowl is the perfect place to keep the candy to pass out to Trick or Treaters. I really think the black inside is perfect for the bowl.

I added the burlap pumpkin pillow that I got at the Vintage Market Days from CB Creations. The great thing about the pillow is that you can change the front panel out for the different holidays! I will never have to put it away.

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