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Event Decor Trends For The Hollidays

I love seeing the trends in events. They change from year to year, we all have seen it. Weddings do it a lot more noticeably that other events. So let's talk about some of the trends for the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) this year.


Halloween can go two ways, classic or dark and scary. I prefer classic (and more neutral). I like the look of Black and White with a more muted shade of orange and brown. I like that the decor for this year is more subtle. Events are doing the same thing.

If dark and scary is more your scene, the bold colors and costumes are so easy to find. Neons are also super popular.


One thing about Thanksgiving is it doesn't change a ton. It is generally family centered, although having a Friendsgiving Party is so much fun. I also have a friend whose family does a Pie Party the day after both Thanksgiving and Christmas. They invite everyone to come over with all the pies and everyone just digs in. It is a great way to try new things.

I love the traditional look at my Thanksgiving table. I like to make name tags for my guests at the table. I also think creating fun games for people to do before the big meal is a great thing. Also, I think designer cookies and pies are on the rise.


This year it feels like everything is traditional with Red and Green. Although I am super stoked to be planning a PINK (my favorite color) Christmas Party for a corporate client. It's like my dreams are coming true.

I can tell that last year with everyone staying safe, social distancing and less gatherings we are all aching to be together. And I think that things are going the more traditional route because it brings us all comfort. It makes us feel safe and part of something together. And that is what traditions do for us. They make us feel safe in unfamiliar times. Red and green bring you back to feeling safe in the holiday.

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