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Cultivate Your Life

Updated: Jan 22

While you read this, I am sitting on a beach after getting off a cruise ship with my little family. Alex turned 18 at the end of December and this is his birthday trip. We did a full family (minus Courtney who is busy working and going to college) trip this time. If you don't remember, when Courtney turned 18 in 2021 I took her to New York City for a girls weekend.

This time it's Alex's turn and we spent it enjoying the sun and ditching the snow. And this means that I have been doing exactly what I talk about in this post. Cultivating our life to make the best memories.

I firmly believe in creating space for memories to be made. Whether it comes from traditions, vacations, daily life, holidays, anywhere. Memories help to ground us. And when it comes to planning space for memories we have to do some work.

First. Make a plan. Do you want to do the same thing for a specific holiday each year? At my home, we have the same cinnamon rolls on special occasions. My kids all look forward to them. It's a memory they will hold on to when they are older.

When it comes to a vacation, be intentional with the activities you choose to do. If you have small kids, make sure it is age appropriate and doesn't take too long to do. No need to risk a meltdown to overshadow the activity!

Second. Be willing to allow things to flow in a different way than expected. This one is so hard for me. I have an idea in my head and sometimes when it changes course I get sad and frustrated. I am working on letting it go and watching magic unfold!

Third. Write things down. Write down what you felt, saw, did, details, funny sayings. I keep a note on my phone to write little things down I don't want to forget. I will look back at it when I am feeling down, want to reminisce or want to share with my kids.

Four. Take note of things that your family enjoys and try to add it to your life at different times. Making others feel seen and loved when you do this for them. It will create a memory for them and for you.

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