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Black Owned Brands I Love

I love when I get to share things I love, and with it being Black History Month, I am even more excited! The following brands are ones I have used, continue to use and are very much my favorites!

  1. Cay Skin Sunscreen: I love this sunscreen and skin care so much. The body oil and the Isle Glow Body lotion are always in my beach/pool bag! I love the way my skin feels with it on. It doesn't make my skin a weird shade with the zinc in it. And the Isle Glow has gold, I guess the word is, glitter in it. So I shimmer. The Lip balm is the most moisturizing lip balm ever. Plus it has sunscreen in it! Bonus!

  2. Fenty Beauty: This cream blush is so beautiful. I use my fingers to put it on and a translucent powder to set it. The color is ideal (for me), plus there are a ton of other colors to choose from if such a bold color isn't your thing.

  3. Blue Tansy Treatment: This is new. My sister told me about it. And I think it will be perfect for Claire's waves. She needs all the help she can get with tangles for sure.

  4. Shani Darden: If you remember when CDs were the way to listen to music in your car - it's time for a retinol. I love the Shani Darden one. It doesn't have an unpleasant smell (I have tried others that do). My skin reacts so well to it.

If you decide to try one, or more, I can't wait to hear how you like them! Let me know your thoughts!

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