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Beauty Favorites

Just like a lot of you, I love to try new things. And getting a review of something I had no idea about makes me want to try it for myself. Beauty products are so much fun to try. And sharing my finds with you is a BONUS!


A few weeks ago I was at Ulta with my sister. I saw the Superhero Eyeliner and the name is what caught my eye. (oh my! That wasn’t even intended!) I feel like all of my makeup should have Superhero attached to it now. There is even Superhero mascara, and I tried that too. The eyeliner is fantastic and I will be buying it again. I love the brush, tip, pencil (but it isn’t a pencil) end. It is so fine that you can get the perfect tight line with it. The mascara for me is not a win. I am glad I got the little travel/sample size. I felt like it was clumpy and dry and flakey.

Then next two things are hair products that I have fallen in love with.

In July I was in Seattle for my brother’s wedding. When I saw these pretty hair ties I grabbed them up. I sleep with a satin pillow case, and I love the way it keeps my hair from being tangled in the morning. Having satin hair ties means no hair breakage! Do yourself a favor and pick them up. Order them. Just get them!

My sister-in-law is a hair stylist. She is incredible. If you are in the Idaho Falls area, go see her. I can get her number for you. Stephanie also happens to be an educator for Sexy Hair. She introduced me to their new line, Vibrant Sexy Hair (ad link). It is a color lock shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, heat protecting spray… They all smell so intoxicating because it has rose and almond oil. If you have color treated hair, this helps keep that color vibrant for up to 75 washes.

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