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A Halloween Recap

This week has been chock full of parties and a lot of sugar.  I think we are still on a sugar high.


Mid-October our school district had “Fall Break.” So we kicked it off with a trip to Kuwahara Farms.  They had the most gorgeous pumpkin display I have ever seen!  And I loved all of the pumpkin names. We will definitely be going back next year to get all of our pumpkins.

First, we started Sunday with Grandma Janet’s Halloween party.  I love how she does this.  On the Sunday before Halloween all of the grand kids wear their costumes to her house.  All of the parents bring candy.  Each parent gets a room assigned to them.  Before anything happens the kids have to pose for photos on the stairs.  Once all of the parents are in place the kids trick or treat at each door.  Of course Grandma steals the show with her full sized candy bars, money and other goodies.  It is the perfect way to start the weeks festivities off.

Next, on Monday night our elementary school had their Fall Festival.  Food, games, movies, costumes and friends galore.  Our school also has a space center and you can go on a space mission.  This is always a hit.  Are you getting tired?  So am I.

Finally, the day of Halloween arrives.  I know that my 6th grader has a party at school.  My 9th grader is dressed up, but probably not a party in every class.  Claire has ballet and can wear her costume.  I am busy getting dinner in the crock-pot. We had dinner and I got everyone dressed up and ready to hit the streets.  Oliver isn’t sure about this whole thing.  We stopped at all of the neighbor homes and they all thought Olaf and Ana were the cutest duo.  And we ended the night at the Walker’s home to go through their fun Halloween ally.  It was perfect.

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