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A Ballerina Birthday Party

What could be better than a ballerina birthday party for my favorite 3 year old? Claire has so many likes and loves (horses, princesses, ballet) so it was hard to come up with a theme for her birthday. But we were able to finally settle on one and start planning!

Claire’s birthday party was held the day before her birthday. It was a day full of preparation and a lot of excitement from a little girl! The house became a ballet studio of tulle, lace, pink and sugared treats!


I made these lace pennant banners for Claire’s first birthday, so I was excited we got to use them again. They are so easy to make. Maybe you will see a tutorial in the future! Somehow I thought I had taken more photos of the banners, but this was all I got!


I ordered Claire’s cake from the local bakery. I told them pink and sprinkles. And they did not disappoint! It is a 8 inch double chocolate cake with raspberry filling. Every bite was delicious!


When I saw this pink glittery piece of poster board at the store, I knew it was a perfect backdrop to take photos of the birthday girl and her guests!


I also saw the most darling craft idea on Pinterest. So we had a few shades of pink craft paint, cardstock, brushes and cute little hands. We made hand print tutus! It was darling watching all of the girls making theirs!


It was the perfect way to celebrate our sweet little girl who runs the house and makes us all laugh daily! Happy 3 years to Claire!

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