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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Wedding Coordinator

Believe me. I never hired one. I get it. You have a family and you have friends who can help. Left and right people are telling you to let them help with something. And it is SUPER tempting to take them up on it. It is even more tempting to do it yourself. Here's the thing. You can't. Here's the other thing, you shouldn't.

As I am sitting here looking back at my weddings (yes, I have been married twice)... I am thinking about how I don't know who cleaned up either one. I assume with my first wedding my mom and family did and when Scott and I got married, I think his family cleaned up with our friends. But I don't know. I don't even think it was on my radar at all. How selfish of me. I wish I had hired someone to take care so our people didn't have to.

Another wedding comes to mind when I think about this. It is my brother-in-laws. We showed up. Friends from their church are helping to keep things going. However, asking someone if they are family and then handing them a bag of garbage to take out is not cool.

Day of Coordination

Your wedding day has a lot of moving parts. From wedding party stuff to the wedding ceremony to dancing the night away you don't need any vendors trying to get a hold of you in the middle of your ceremony with a question. Hiring a wedding coordinator will give each vendor a contact for anything the day of your wedding. Cake running a little behind? You won't even know because your coordinator has worked it out with your baker.


We all want those special moments to be remembered as special. You want to make sure everyone is in the right spot for the big group photo and there to watch your grand entrance. A coordinator is going to make sure all those things happen at the right time. They will make sure you are prepared and ready to step in at the perfect moment. Your coordinator will also look at anything you have thought up and help it run smooth, give advice on how it can be done better and help everything go seamlessly.

Clean Up

We spend SO much time planning the perfect wedding and party that we don't think about the ending. Like I mentioned above, I don't know who cleaned up both of my weddings. But I do feel very selfish now that I didn't put someone in charge of it. A wedding coordinator is going to talk with you before your wedding about where you want things to go after your party. They will clean and package it up and make sure it gets where it needs to be. Your coordinator will also work with your other vendors to return things to them if needed.

Problem Solving

Do you dread something happening on your wedding day? The cake falling? The flowers being dead? Any number of things can and do go wrong. By hiring a wedding coordinator you won't know of any disaster that could happen. Your coordinator will solve all of the problems that could arise without you being aware and having your day ruined with stress.

Creating Memories

Your wedding planner is going to do everything in their power to make sure you and your guests are creating memories. They will make sure you look picture perfect between each thing, coach you on how you hold your cake cutting knife, make sure you have a plate and fork for the cake, give you the correct bouquet to toss and help get people up on the dance floor. Their job is to make sure you love your day.

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