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September Beauty Favorites

I want to start sharing my favorite beauty favorites with you all. I have always loved makeup, nail polish, hair products. There have been things that become staples, and things that get returned or thrown away. Feeling beautiful comes in different forms for each of us. That is what makes each of us unique and beautiful. For me, I love to get ready each morning. I enjoy putting on makeup and doing my hair. However, there are still days where showering and comfy clothes

Summer Salad

While Scott and I were dating he stumbled across this salad.  He was at the store and they were handing out samples.  He tried some and fell in love.  That evening I came over to his house and he was making it.  It was really good.  Light, fresh, tasty.  As we were talking about how easy it was to make we started to think of what we could add to the salad.  It continues to evolve to this day 4 years later. First, we thought to add cheese.  Everything is better with cheese.  O

Favorites 0-3 Months

Oliver is my 4th baby.  He is the sweetest little guy.  Although, he spits up A LOT.  I have changed my diet too.  Ollie is just our “happy spitter.” I feel like I have perfected the list of things I need for the first few months and I wanted to share them with you! (contains ad links) One. This car seat is heavenly.  It is easy to install. I love the canopy.  We have the UPPAbaby Cruz single stroller as well, and the system is so easy to use!  We have the car seat in the col

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