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Women’s Show Notes

On Saturday I was so excited to attend the Salt Lake City Women’s Show. I knew that a few of the presenters were going to be AMAZING! I bought my ticket, made plans with my mom and we were off.

We got to the Women’s Show just in time to catch Alycia Anderson from Etch Image Solutions. She is an image consultant and has incredible taste. I was excited to learn from her. I follow her on Instagram and I love how positive and upbeat she is. And she is so SWEET! She gave such an amazing presentation that I am seriously thinking of taking her course. A few of my notes:

  1. 63% of women are size 14-22

  2. 37% of women are size 6-12

  3. 1% of women are size 0-4

Can you believe that??? I was blown away. She went on to say that “the numbers mean NOTHING!” Alycia said to get out your measuring tape and use those numbers. Find what will fit you the best. I keep telling myself it is not the number of the article of clothing it is how I feel, but sometimes it is SO dang hard to remember. Alycia’s tip if you don’t like the size on the tag, CUT OFF THE TAG! Then you don’t know what size.

It was so empowering to hear her speak. So grateful I got to hear her.

Mom and I had VIP tickets and we went to the VIP lounge only to look to our right and see ERIN BROCKOVICH being interviewed! She was maybe 10 feet from us.

The worst photo ever… But it was all I got!

Erin was the keynote speaker of the event. She talked about her background and upbringing before sharing her interactive website with us. This website is a game changer. If you don’t know why Erin is famous, do a google search. She wants us to take care of our health, our families, our earth. And with her website you can do just that. If you have an issue you can add it to the map and get so much information to help you solve the problem. Water issues? Air issues? Soil issues? Go to Erin’s website and report. They will give you tools to work toward a solution!

In all this was an amazing Saturday afternoon spent with my mom. I love getting to do things like this with her to learn more and to grow in to a better woman, wife, mother. And it was some much needed “Sarah Time.”

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